Departing from the fact that we are using a good Booking Engine Software, that allows us to connect with several channels and works perfectly on our website, but also we want to take it forward. Here some fundamentals.

Keys to generate leads and conversions skipping the commission line.

To stand out from the Booking Engine of your property you must improve completely the Organic Search Optimization (SEO) of your website taking in mind the most popular Search Engine platforms such as Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo…

The proper content will help in this task, but where to find good content, or what we should talk about. These questions are today a good challenge for most digital marketers. Here 10 tips to evaluate when you are planning a Content Marketing Strategy to optimize your website and generate leads and take the best of your booking engine software.


  1. Think first about your audience
  2. Segment your audience and post according to content
  3. Adapt your content to your Buyer Persona
  4. Analyze what your client is looking for and what they are expecting to hear from you
  5. Set a goal for the content you are creating
  6. Analyze your most suitable mean: Videos, pictures, webinars
  7. Include relevant data analysis using tags such as: Do you know that…
  8. Of course, using the 80/20 rule standards to promote your property
  9. Apply A/B Test to understand better your client UX and UI
  10. Do all the above using relevant Keywords and KPIs.

Many companies look for doing this job on your behalf, my advice to make a decision, evaluate their knowledge in your sector, industry, and market. It is not the same to sell experiences as tangible products. Do not employ a retails store SEO manager.

Be in touch with the person in charge of your property, not with his/her boss. Ensure this person meets your property, your services, your employees, your company culture, vision, mission, your client, and always be reported with an ROI statement.