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We are a company dedicated to the B2B of the tourism industry. We help Activity Operators, Travel Agencies, and Tour Operators to improve their strategies in a digital world.

Digital Transformation

Turismo Horizontal

Our services in summary

Your business support Worldwide

We help your daily travel business needs and your B2B partnerships around the globe to keep rolling in real-time.


Your marketing strategies need an expert with more than 15 in the industry. Even better, an international team.

Equipo de trabajo

B2B connections

We work hand in hand with you to strengthen your relationship connection in Europe with strategies designed for your business and your market.

Diseño web en la industria turística

Innovation online

We take care of your business success on the internet. We update, rebuild or start your ideal website from scratch. Enhance your traveler’s journey map.

The Travel Industry Challenge

Digital Transformation

In 2019, more than 80% of travelers were booking directly. We help you stand out in a modern world and digitally powerful industry. Involving a 100% functional reservation system, with all the facilities that the traveler needs to fulfill their objective of booking online.

Reduce operational costs with automation, serve your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with artificial intelligence. Offer digital tools to your partners to book directly in your system in real-time and eliminate availability inquiries.

Horizontal Connectivity

B2B Today is easier

Hence there is much more competition. We help you to be on the front line, connecting your company with hundreds of potential partners and millions of direct clients.

Nowadays it is more important to have a good online presentation than a stand at any international tourism fair. But why not have both strategies in place? This is where we go with our work with horizontal strategies between B2B and B2C. Face-to-face and Online.

B2B Travel Costa Rica

We work with leaders

Ambassador Cloudbeds

We are honored to work hand in hand with leading companies in the hospitality industry.

We know the importance of a good reservation system, as well as teamwork between companies, that is why we have chosen Cloudbeds as our ally to grow your hotel. Regardless of the size, with Cloudbeds and our Marketing strategies, we ensure the success of your accommodation.


Ticando Costa Rica y Latinoamérica

Tour Operators

Ticando Representative

As well as we do with hotels, we work together with Ticando to support activities operators in their path to innovation.

Together we offer the opportunity to collect payments and direct bookings at the same time we connect you with your network.

What do our partners say

Ali Rodríguez Riders Adventures

Ali - Riders Adventures

In just 3 months of being part of this organization, my company has benefited from direct clients and new B2B connections. Today we work with a 100% optimized system to receive online reservations.

Elbert Chacon

Elbert - Private Trans.

As a small businessman, I am very grateful for helping me shape my tourist transportation business in Costa Rica. Today I am working thanks to the direct clients generated by the platforms of this organization.

Marco Sama Transfers

Marco - SamaTransfers

In 4 years of work, TOP Costa Rica has helped me with website services, agency marketing, OTA’s advisory services, and TripAdvisor.
Always updated strategies in the tourism sector.

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