Deyvis Brenes
Travel Industry Marketing Consultant

Deyvis Brenes Z.

I fall in love with the tourism industry around 15 years ago. Since I deal with my first marketing position in 2008 I understood I was born to do marketing. Thus, 24 hrs a day are not enough for me. That is why I try to round myself with the most professional talent who share my passion. Because learning never stops.

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My Experience

Marketing became my focus discipline in my career.

I started at Meliá Hotels in 2004, first working as an agent for the hotel’s call center. Five months later, I became an assistant in the sales and marketing department. After a year, I became the International Groups and Events Managing Director. Here was where I discovered my passion for the travel industry.

Today I enjoy helping Hotels, DMCs, TTOO, and transportation companies to implement best practices to grow in their markets.

The key lies in the fact of digital transformation strategies. But this is a lack in the must small companies, thus they are less competitive against the big companies which have domine the sector for the last decades. However, today there are much more opportunities to create a good online presence, image. But more importantly, to offer a good booking experience to internet users.

I am ready to help and excited to do so. But the decision is yours.

Do you want to sell online and get direct clients?

If you would like to know how we can create a digital strategy for your company with a budget of $0.00 do not hesitate to contact me


Promoted and advising my clients about the Digital Transformation best practices


Business Developer

Own business, where I have been promoting tours and activities of Costa Rica since 2016



All about Digital Strategies and Online presence


Lead Marketer

Helping with the online business, all marketing digital strategies.


Optimizing Businesses in the Travel Industry, Everywhere. Are You Next?


my Skills

The Analysis of each strategy is the key that helps to achieve the set goals. 

A good understanding of Analytics tools and the implementation of an agile framework is an obligation of today’s business.

Optimization of the customer journey map, and a customer-centric strategy, is the new manager in a futurist organization.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Business Consulting


  • Online Digital Strategies
  • B2B, B2C Strategies
  • Markets Behaviors Analysis
  • CRM, CMS, Manager
  • Loyalty and Media Channels

Business Development

  • Digital Culture Transformation
  • Teams no managers
  • Agile and Scrum Frameworks
  • Client Journey Map Optimization
  • Operation automatization


  • International Markets Research
  • Tourism Fairs Representative
  • PR and B2B Strategies
  • Operation Analysis
  • Digital Transformation Guide


Columbia Business School

Digital Strategies

2020 – 2021

CIM – Membership

Associate Member

The Chartered Institute of Marketing – UK

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

2020 – Non-end

Google Skillshop

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Certification
PRO-Analytics Certification
Tags Manager Certification
Data Studio and Google Suite

2015 – 2021 Updated

LATINA University

Marketing for Tourism

Multiple topics based on Kotler Studies

2011 – 2012

I’ve Worked With


Always learning

I am a WordPress user with a good understanding of MySQL, HTML, CSS, and getting deeper with Python for Marketing.

Tech lover


Artificial intelligence is something that attracts me quite a lot. So I like reading and learn about it. Internet of Things enhances the travel journey map, all companies should apply it to their business model.

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