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What to do in San Jose Costa Rica

San Jose Costa Rica things to do

The capital of Costa Rica

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Some of the most popular attractions you can enjoy from San Jose are offered by TOP Costa Rica, we definitely have the largest menu in the city. But why is it a good idea to stay in San Jose and do one-day tours during your visit to Costa Rica? let’s see…

  1. Located in the core of Costa Rica you have the opportunity to visit any other town across the country, this is great in order to discover the country at your pace.
  2. The principal city of Costa Rica offers you a good cultural experience and good entertainment during the day as well as at night, clubs, bars, restaurants, and dicos, but also theater plays and shows are frequently in San Jose downtown.
  3. It is true that we are one of the most popular companies in Costa Rica, nevertheless, you will also have many other tourism companies options, which will give you a larger menu of activities.
  4. Transportation is good in San Jose, you can use public transportation to be immersed in the culture, or just skip lines and use Uber, DiDi, and some other digital platforms, these services are really cheap in the country.
  5. Wants to go farther? We have a domestic airport which offers connections to our 7 provinces.

If you need more arguments to visit San Jose, just get in touch using our live chat, and one of us will be clearing all your doubts.

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