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Payment options in Costa Rica include cash, credit/debit cards, and electronic transfers, but also a large of businesses accept US dollars. Mobile payment apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay are becoming popular, but it’s recommended to have cash for small purchases and tips. 3D verification is important for online transactions in Costa Rica, as it adds an extra layer of security to help prevent fraud. The process involves the customer entering an additional password or one-time code sent to their phone to verify their identity. Roaming in Costa Rica provides this extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized use of credit cards.

In conclusion, understanding the available payment options and the importance of 3D verification for online transactions can make your trip to Costa Rica smoother and more secure.

While there are various payment methods available, it’s always advisable to carry some cash for small expenses and tips. By using these recommended payment methods and security protocols, travelers can enjoy their trip to Costa Rica with peace of mind.

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You can use credit and debit cards in Costa Rica for payments

In Costa Rica, you can pay in cash, by credit or debit cards, and through electronic transfers, of course, there are better options than this for a tourist. 

Mobile payment apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay are also becoming increasingly popular in Costa Rica. Even so, It’s always a good idea to have some cash on you, particularly for small purchases and tips.

3D Verification Process for Online Payments in Costa Rica

There is a crucial factor you have to consider in order to have a good payment experience in Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, you will be willing to book a tour or an activity online, even if you call the operator you will be addressed to pay online using a payment link. Keep in mind that most of the time will be required to pay your spot in advance, so be ready with your 3D Secure procedure.

Why is essential the 3D verification key on your trip to Costa Rica

As mentioned before to pay online. 3D verification (also known as 3D Secure) and double verification are essential because they add an extra coating of security to online transactions. With these methods, the cardholder is required to provide additional information, such as a one-time password, that only they should have access to. This helps to confirm the identity of the person making the transaction and reduces the risk of dishonest activity, such as unauthorized use of a stolen credit card. By adding an extra step to the payment process, these methods can help protect both the customer and the vendor from financial losses and other unfavorable consequences of scams.

What is 3D Verification?

“3D verification” stands for “Three-Domain Secure” verification, a security protocol used by credit card companies to help stop fraud in online transactions. The three domains involved in the 3D Secure process are the merchant/acquirer domain, the issuer domain (the bank that issued the card), and the interoperability domain (the network that processes the transaction) all these factors are used by TOP Costa Rica gateway Trust My Travel.

When a customer makes an online payment, 3D Secure drives them to enter an additional password or a one-time code sent to their phone using SMS massaging or email to verify their identity.

This helps ensure that the person using the card is the actual cardholder and not an unauthorized third party. This additional layer of security can help prevent fraudulent transactions and give customers and merchants greater peace of mind when conducting online transactions.

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