Roaming in Costa Rica and WiFi availability

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Staying Connected in Costa Rica: Tips for Travelers

Contact your local phone service provider to learn about the pricing of roaming aboard. And remember that this can vary due to the use of it.

Use your roaming only when you really need it, for example, to access your 3D Secure code on online payments.

To learn more about  3D Secure Code read our article Payment Methods in Costa Rica for Tourists

Use Your Roaming Sparingly Consider Buying a Local SIM Card

This is a great tip. I have been to several destinations and one of my habits upon my arrival is to find a local SIM Card, then my loading on Google Maps or a transportation service.

By using a local SIM card, you will have access to mobile data and be connected when needed.

By using a SIM Card you will have the opportunity to be connected when needed, for example when you are waiting for a driver. In Costa Rica WhatsApp is the most popular app to communicate, so use it to be in touch with your activity providers or TOP Costa Rica where you can always find support.

Consider buying a local SIM card from a reliable operator like Kolbi or Liberty

There are some phone operators in Costa Rica, but I recommend you Kolbi and Liberty, in fact, I’m a client of Kolbi for the last 20 years and they did it well enough so far. They are the biggest operators and offer the largest couverture across the country.

If you are already in the country, here you can find Official Kölbi Agencies to buy or to clarify any doubt.

Wifi in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great destination to be connected at all times, its territory is 98% converted by internet network.

Stay Connected using the most popular chatting app WhatsApp

If you don’t want to buy a SIM card, you can still stay connected by using the free WiFi offered by almost every restaurant, hotel, shop, and establishment in the country. The Pura Vida people will be glad to provide you with the network name and password at any time.

By following these simple tips, you can stay connected in Costa Rica without any hassle, save money, and avoid stressful situations. For more support, feel free to contact TOP Costa Rica at their WhatsApp Number + (506) 8819 0276.

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