The Top Things to Do from San Jose

Tips to travel to Costa Rica

If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, San Jose is likely to be your first port of call. While the capital city has its own charms, there are plenty of exciting activities to be found just a short journey away. From ziplining through the jungle to exploring coffee plantations, there’s something for everyone. Here are our top picks for things to do from San Jose:

Canopy Tour in Jaco

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, a canopy tour in Jaco is a must-try. You’ll strap on a harness and fly through the air on a series of zip lines, taking in spectacular views of the jungle below. It’s a thrilling way to experience the natural beauty of Costa Rica, and an activity that’s sure to leave you with lasting memories.

ATV Adventure in Jaco

For another high-energy activity, head to Jaco for an ATV adventure. You’ll race through the jungle on your own all-terrain vehicle, tackling steep inclines and rocky terrain. It’s a fun and exciting way to get off the beaten track and see the wild side of Costa Rica.

Doka Coffee Tour

For something a little more laid back, consider a visit to the Doka Coffee Tour. You’ll learn about the history and process of coffee production in Costa Rica, and get to taste some of the delicious results. The plantation itself is a beautiful spot, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Rafting on the Pacuare River

Finally, if you’re up for a challenge, try rafting on the Pacuare River. This river is considered one of the best rafting destinations in the world, with a mix of calm stretches and thrilling rapids. Along the way, you’ll see some of the country’s most beautiful scenery, including waterfalls and tropical rainforest.

No matter what your interests or energy level, there’s something to suit everyone in Costa Rica. From high-flying adventures to laid-back coffee tours, you’re sure to have a fantastic time exploring the country’s diverse landscapes and cultures.

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